Where have I been?

I cannot believe that I haven’t written here since April, that’s completely crazy, what have I been doing?!

Well, reading for one thing!  I’m very excited that I recommended a book to my reading group – Lyrics Alley – by Leila AbouLela, and they loved it!!!!  Yay, doing my tiny bit to promote Arab women writers 🙂

Currently reading The Officer’s Prey by Armand Cabasson and (apart from the descriptions of battles which are mercifully few so far!) am really enjoying it.  It’s translated from the original French and I’m intrigued – who did do it!!!?

Got to go and do …. well, something.  I’ll be back tomorrow though, honest!


About alkitaba

Reading and writing, writing and reading. Reading about writing, writing about reading. However you like to do it is fine by me. In particular I'm interested in Arab literature and at the moment my passion is Arab women writers.
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