Knitting group

I’ve taken the slightly unusual step for someone who wants to do more writing, of temporarily giving up my writing group for – a knitting group!

But let me explain why.  Three years ago I decided that I wanted an activity that engaged me, was creative, could be undertaken pretty much anywhere and didn’t involve words.  Not being in any way inclined towards drawing, painting or other creative pursuits I settled upon knitting.  Having only vaguely learned how to knit when my mother showed me as a child I figured it couldn’t really be all that difficult and so set off on the path to knitting mastery.

Whilst matters proceeded fairly well for a number of weeks I quickly got bored with the stocking stitch scarf and other ‘beginner’ items and decided to embark on a cardigan.  All went well (although sewing the sleeves on could have been done better in hindsight) and I decided to tackle a turtle neck sweater.  This also went well for a while until I encountered instructions that I couldn’t understand nor work out using the internet alone.  Hence I put my name down to join the knitting group at the local wool and crafts shop.

3 years later the call came that my name was finally at the top of the waiting list and would I like to join the group.  Having waited so long and with the previously mentioned turtle neck sweater still waiting to be completed I of course said ‘yes’.  Only to discover that the group meets at exactly the same time as my writing group.

When I told my writing buddies of the dilemma they immediately insisted that I should go knitting for the 10-week duration initial course and then return to writing group having met a different group of ladies and with lots of inspiration for my writing.

How right they were.  Three weeks into the group and tonight I will begin to sew together my beautiful denim blue turtle neck sweater (yippee!); I have learned that the secret to a good coffee cake is to use Camp coffee essence and not diluted coffee granules; that a certain large supermarket chain where ‘every little helps’ doesn’t always treat its staff very well; that it’s never too late to get a tattoo (as the 82-year old lady sporting a beautiful new butterfly on her arm will testify); that certain National Trust properties are having real problems with poachers and finally, that knitters like dogs (every one of the 20 ladies in the group has at least one dog!).

And yes, I’m sure at least one of these ladies is going to feature in future writing.  If only I could write down some of the fabulous things they say and knit at the same time the book would write itself!


About alkitaba

Reading and writing, writing and reading. Reading about writing, writing about reading. However you like to do it is fine by me. In particular I'm interested in Arab literature and at the moment my passion is Arab women writers.
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