Million Man March

I’m still glued to English Al Jazeera (despite it having been closed down!) and Twitter feeds following events in Egypt so normal service will not be resumed for a little while yet!

Watching history unfold is an incredible feeling – particularly having lived in Alexandria and recognising the streets where protests are taking place.

However, I did manage to tear myself away just long enough to register that Mariella Frostrup will interview Egyptian born author Leila Aboulela on The Book Show on Sky Arts this week (Thursday 3rd February 1900 GMT).  Yay, really looking forward to that.  Her book The Translator was fabulous and Minaret is winking at me from the bookshelf!




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Reading and writing, writing and reading. Reading about writing, writing about reading. However you like to do it is fine by me. In particular I'm interested in Arab literature and at the moment my passion is Arab women writers.
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