Screw Clean Work If Only I Knew

I confess to feeling overload today.  This is not an entirely unusual occurrence as I do have a tendency to take on more than I can reasonably manage (without feeling overload that is!).  Let me explain.  Towards the end of last year I was feeling restless and a little lacking in direction and focus so scoured my book shelves for motivational books to help get me ‘unstuck’.  Torn between Barbara Sher’s I Could do Anything, If Only I Knew What it Was and The Work We Were Born to Do by Nick Williams, I chose the latter as I’d already worked through the first one a few years ago.  So far so good.  Then, my friend idcoach recommended Clean Language and kindly lent me a copy and also recommended the website

So today I’m juggling all three in a slightly manic way wanting to read and work on all three at the same time which is entirely impractical.  Here’s what I’m going to do.  Over the next couple of days I will spend half an hour on each and see which speaks loudest to me at this moment.  That’s the one I’ll focus on and the other two can wait!

Phew, that feels better.  I’m back in control.


About alkitaba

Reading and writing, writing and reading. Reading about writing, writing about reading. However you like to do it is fine by me. In particular I'm interested in Arab literature and at the moment my passion is Arab women writers.
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